Arthur Secret

Originally from CERN and W3C where I wrote the first W3-Oracle gateway and the W3-email browser, Agora, I am currently working in the Geneva area.

You may want to have a look at an incomplete list of advanced browsing resources I maintain, part of the WWW Virtual Library.



PS: The easiest way to reach me is by mail, just write to art <usual sign> See also this document in French

W3C group photo
Members of the World Wide Web Consortium at the MIT site. From left to right are Henrick Frystyk Nielsen, Anselm Baird-Smith, Jay Sekora, Rohit Khare, Dan Connolly, Jim Gettys, Tim Berners-Lee, Susan Hardy, Jim Miller, Dave Raggett, Tom Greene, Arthur Secret, Karen MacArthur. The photo comes from Dave's book on the history of html


Le coin des amis